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How to Convert ml to moles?

To convert from milliliters (ml) to moles, you need to know the concentration of the substance and the volume of the solution (liters). The concentration is usually expressed in units of moles per liter (mol/L) or molarity. then the volume (L) multiplied by the Molarity(mol/L) then you get moles

Milliliters to moles formula

you can use the following formula for ml to moles

n = CV/1000


  • N= Moles
  • C= Concentration / Molartiy (mol/L)
  • V= Volume of Solution (ml)
  • Then, moles = concentration x volume (in liters)

Example of Mililiters to Moles

Example 1: Suppose you have a solution with a concentration of 0.1 mol/L and a volume of 500 ml. To convert this to moles.

 you would first need to convert the volume to liters by dividing by 1000:

Volume of solution = 500 ml ÷ 1000 ml/L = 0.5 L

Then, you can use the formula:

moles = Molarity (mol/L) x volume (in liters)

moles = 0.1 mol/L x 0.5 L

moles = 0.05 moles

So the solution contains 0.05 moles of the substance.

Example 2:- How many moles are in 80 ml of 0.135 M HCL?

Volume = 80 ml = 80/1000 = 0.08 L

Molarity = 0.135 M (mol/L)

Moles = Molartiy x Volume = 0.08 (L) * 0.135 (mol/L) = 0.0108

0.0108 moles are in 0.135 M HCL solution

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