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Calculate the moles of a substance in mol and more units, based on its molecular formula. Our quick and easy mass to moles calculator will help you find the answer in seconds!

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How to convert mass to moles?

To convert mass to moles, you need to know the molar weight of the substance you are working with. The molecular mass is the mass of 1 mole of that substance and is expressed in grams per mole (g/mol).

Simply mass divided by the molecular weight then you get the number of moles

Mass to moles formula

n = M / Mwt

  • n = Number of moles
  • M = given mass
  • Mwt = Molecular weight (Molar weight)

Solved Example

Example1:- Calculate mole given 20 grams of carbon (C)

Moles = Mass (in grams) / Molar mass (in g/mol) = 20 / 12 = 1.6667 mol

1.666 moles of 20 grams of carbon.

Example 2:- 35 grams of sodium chloride(NaCl). calculate the number of moles of sodium chloride.

Given mass = 35 grams of NaCl

Molar mass of Nacl = 58.44 g/mol

Moles = 35 / 58.44 = 0.599 moles

0.599 moles of sodium chloride

How to use mass to moles calculator?

  1. Enter the molar mass (molecular weight) with the desired unit
  2. Enter the mass (units- gram, kilograms, milligrams)
  3. Select the unit of moles (moles, millimoles, micromoles)
  4. Finally, click the calculate button

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