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How to convert moles to ml?

To convert moles to ml, you first need to determine the concentration of your solution. This can be done by using a formula that considers the mass of your solute and its molecular weight and then determine how many milliliters are needed per mole.

Another important factor when converting moles to ml is understanding the units involved. Moles and milliliters are both units of measurement used in chemistry, but they measure different things. Moles measure the amount of substance in a solution while milliliters measure volume.

Moles to milliliters formula

v (ml) = n * 1000 / c

  • V = Volume of solution in ml
  • n = moles of the substance
  • c = concentration of the solution (mol/L)

Example of moles to milliliters

Example:- Suppose you have a solution of hydrochloric acid (HCl) with a concentration of 0.5 moles per liter (0.5 M) and the solution contains 0.025 moles of HCl then calculate the volume of the solution in ml.

Use the formula: v(ml) = n * 1000 / c
volume (in ml) = (n x 1000) / c
volume (in ml) = (0.025 mol x 1000) / 0.5 mol/L
volume (in ml) = 50 ml

Therefore, 50 ml of the 0.5 M HCl solution contains 0.025 moles of HCl.

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