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Percent Recovery

Best free online percent recovery calculator – Enter the amount of substance recovered on purification and the amount of substance originally taken then click the calculate button.

What is percent recovery?

Percent recovery is a crucial concept in many fields, including chemistry, biology, and engineering. It refers to the percentage of a substance that is recovered after an experiment. 

In chemical processes, percent recovery is used to determine how successful a purification procedure was in separating the desired compound from impurities.

Percent recovery formula

PR = (A / B) *100

  • A = Amount of substance recovered on purification or amount of purified substance or Amount recovered
  • B = Amount of substance originally taken or amount of impure substance or initial substance
  • PR = percent recovery

How to calculate percent recovery?

Example 1:- if a chemical reaction produces 10 grams of a product, but only 8 grams are obtained after a purification step, then what is percent recovery?

Amount of purified substance = 8 grams

Amount of impure substance = 10 grams

Percent recovery = (amount of purified substance/amount of impure substance) * 100

Percent recovery = 8 grams / 10 grams * 100 = 80 %

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