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pH to Molarity Formula

To convert pH values to molarity, you can use the formula for calculating the molarity (mol/L) of a solution

  • For strong Acid – M = 10^(-pH)
  • For Strong Base – M = 10^(poH – 14)

Where M is the molarity of the solution in moles per liter (mol/L).

How to Convert pH to Molarity?

To convert pH to molarity, you must know the relationship between pH and the concentration of hydrogen ions (H+) and hydroxide ions (OH-) in a solution.

Here are some specific examples of how to convert pH to molarity for different chemicals:

  • Hydrochloric acid (strong acid): If the pH is 1, the [H+] = 10^-1 M. Since HCl dissociates completely, the molarity of HCl is also 0.1 M.
  • Sodium hydroxide (strong base): If the pH is 13, the [OH-] = 10^-1 M. Since NaOH dissociates completely, the molarity of NaOH is also 0.1 M.

pH to Molarity Conversion Chart

pH to molarity chart for strong acid

pH ValuesMolarity (M)pH ValuesMolarity (M)
0.1 pH0.7943 M0.2 pH0.6310 M
0.3 pH0.5012 M0.4 pH0.3981 M
0.5 pH0.3162 M0.6 pH0.2512 M
0.7 pH0.1995 M0.8 pH0.1585 M
0.9 pH0.1259 M1 pH0.10 M
1.1 pH0.0794 M1.2 pH0.0631 M
1.3 pH0.0501 M1.4 pH0.0398 M
1.5 pH0.0316 M1.6 pH0.0251 M
1.7 pH0.0200 M1.9 pH0.0126 M
2 pH0.0100 M2.1 pH0.0079 M
2.2 pH0.0063 M2.5 pH0.0032 M
5.5 pH0.00000316 M10 pH0.000000000100000 M
11 pH0.000000000010000 M11.63 pH0.000000000002344 M

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