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Online Split bill calculator – Enter the total bill amount in the enter field and Enter the number of people then click the calculate button.

What is a split bill calculator?

A split bill calculator is a tool that helps people divide the cost of a bill or expense evenly among a group of individuals.

For example, if a group of four people go out to eat and the bill comes to $125, a calculator would help determine that the bill for each person is $31.25.

Formula of Split Bill

The formula for an online split bill calculator is:

  • BPP = TBA / NP
  • BPP = Bill Per Person
  • TBA = Total Bill Amount
  • NP = Number of People

Solved Example

Example:- If the total cost of a bill is $450 and 5 people are splitting it, then calculate the splitting bill.

Bill Per Person = Total Bill Amount  /  Number of People

Bill Per Person = $450 / 5 = $90.40.

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