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Online Split bill calculator – Enter the total bill amount in the enter field and Enter the number of people then click the calculate button.

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What is a split bill calculator?

A split bill calculator is a tool that helps people divide the cost of a bill or expense evenly among a group of individuals.

For example, if a group of four people go out to eat and the bill comes to $125, a calculator would help determine that the bill for each person is $31.25.

Formula of Split Bill

The formula for an online split bill calculator is:

  • BPP = TBA / NP
  • BPP = Bill Per Person
  • TBA = Total Bill Amount
  • NP = Number of People


Example:- If the total cost of a bill is $450 and there are 5 people splitting it, then calculate the splitting bill.

Bill Per Person = Total Bill Amount  /  Number of People

Bill Per Person = $450 / 5 = $90.40.

Why Use Split Bill Calculator?

Bill split calculators can be helpful in various situations, such as splitting the cost of rent or utilities among roommates, dividing the cost of travel expenses among a group of friends, or even sharing the cost of gifts for a group event.