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What is a Percentage?

Percentage is a term that is commonly used in mathematics, finance, and everyday life. The word percentage comes from the Latin word “per centum,” which means “by the hundred.” It is a way of expressing a part of something as a fraction of 100. This fraction represents how much of the whole an amount or value makes up.

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 It is denoted by the symbol “%”.

In simple terms, percentage can be defined as the portion or share of something in relation to its whole. It is often used to describe changes in quantities over time or to compare different quantities against each other. For example, if you invest $1,000 and earn $50 in interest over one year, your return on investment would be 5%, which means you gained 5% of your initial investment.

Formula of percentage calculator

What is X Percent of Y?(X / 100 ) * Y
X is What Percent of Y(X / Y ) * 100
What is percent increase/decrease?(Y – X ) / X *100

How to calculate the percentage?

Example 1:- What is 20 Percent of 5?

To calculate 20 percent of 5, you can use the following formula:

20% of 5 = (x / 100 )*Y = (20/100) * 5

Simplifying this expression, we get:

20% of 5 = 0.2 * 5 = 1

Therefore, 20 percent of 5 is equal to 1.

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