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Percent Decrease
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What is the percentage decrease?

It refers to the decrease in a value or quantity expressed as a percentage of its original value. In simple terms, a percentage decrease is the amount by which something has decreased from its initial value.

it can help with analyzing stock market trends or measuring changes in economic indicators such as unemployment rates or inflation etc.

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Percentage decrease formula

PD = [FV – IV ] / IV * 100

  • PD = Percentage decrease
  • FV = Final value
  • IV = Initial Value

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How to Calculate Percentage Decrease

To calculate the percentage decrease, you will need two values: the original value (X1) and the new value (X2) after the decrease. The formula for calculating percentage decrease is straightforward – subtract the new value from the original value (X1 – X2), divide this difference by the original number, and then multiply it by 100 to express it as a percentage.

For example, if an item originally costs $100 and its price goes down to $80 then calculate the percentage decrease

  1. Initial Cost of item = $100
  2. Final Cost of item = $80
  3. Difference of Cost after down the price = $100 – $80 = $20
  4. Percentage decrease = [80 -100] / 80 *100 = 20%

The percentage decrease of items after the price goes down is 20%

How to use a percentage decrease calculator?

Enter the initial value and final value of the item then enter the click button the answer will instantly display in difference value also calculate the percentage decrease.

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