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Percentage Change

Easily calculate the percentage change between two numbers with our Percentage Change Calculator.

What is percentage change?

Percentage change refers to the relative difference between two values, typically expressed as a percentage. It is used to measure the increase or decrease from an original value to a new value.

Positive Increase or growth
NegativeDecrease or decline
0 %No changes

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The percentage change formula is:

PC = [(NV – OV)/OV] * 100

  • PC = Percentage change
  • NV = New value
  • OV = old value

How to calculate percentage change?

  • First, determine the new value or final value
  • Secondly, determine the old value or initial value
  • subtract the new value from the old value then divide by the old value
  • finally, multiply by 100 you get the percentage change

Solved Example

For example – you bought a stock at $50, and its current value is $60. then calculate the percentage change.

The initial value when you buy a stock is $50

Now the current value of a stock is $60

Percentage Change = ((60 – 50) / 50) * 100 = (10 / 50) * 100 = 0.2 * 100 = 20%

Percentage Change = 20%

So, the stock price increased by 20%.

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