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Percentage Change
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What is percentage change?

Percentage change refers to the relative difference between two values, typically expressed as a percentage. It is used to measure the increase or decrease from an original value to a new value.

Positive Increase or growth
NegativeDecrease or decline
0 %No changes

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Percentage change formula

The percentage change formula is:

PC = [(NV – OV)/OV] * 100

  • PC = Percentage change
  • NV = New value
  • OV = old value

How to calculate percentage change?

  • First, determine the new value or final value
  • Secondly, determine the old value or initial value
  • subtract the new value from the old value then divide by old value
  • finally, multiply by 100 you get the percentage change

For example – you bought a stock at $50, and its current value is $60. then calculate the percentage change.

Initial value when you bought stock is $50

Now the current value of a stock is $60

Percentage Change = ((60 – 50) / 50) * 100

Percentage Change = (10 / 50) * 100

Percentage Change = 0.2 * 100

Percentage Change = 20%

So, the stock price increased by 20%.

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