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Calculate the percentage increase between two numbers with our Percentage Increase Calculator

What is the percentage increase?

It refers to the increase in a value or quantity expressed as a percentage of its original value. In simple terms, a percentage increase is the amount something has increased from its initial value.

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The formula of percentage increase

PI = [FV – IV ] / IV * 100

  • PI = Percentage Increase
  • FV = Final value
  • IV = Initial Value

Solved Example

For example, if an item originally costs $200 and its price goes up to $280 then calculate the percentage increase

  • Initial Cost of item = $200
  • Final Cost of item = $280
  • Difference of Cost after down the price = $200 – $280 = $80
  • Percentage decrease = [280 -100] / 180 *100 = 40%

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