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Calculate Savings with Ease! Our Percent Off Calculator helps you instantly determine the final price and savings when applying percentage off.

Percentage off formula

The percentage off formula allows you to calculate the final price of an item after applying a discount as a percentage of the original price.

The formula is:

FP = OP – (OP * PO/100)

  • FP = Final price
  • OP = Original Price
  • PO = Percent off

Solved problem

Example – Let’s say you have a pair of shoes with an original price of $80, and you want to apply a 20% percent off to them. then calculate the final price?

Given value,

Original price = $80, percentage off = 20%

Final Price = Original Price – (Original Price * Percent off/100)

Final Price = $80 – ($80 × 20 / 100)
Final Price = $80 – ($16)
Final Price = $64

So, after a 20% discount, the final price of the shoes would be $64.

How to use percentage off calculator?

To use a percentage off calculator, follow these steps:

  • Enter the Original Price (OP) – Input the original or regular price of the item into the calculator.
  • Enter the Percentage off -example (5%, 10%, 15%, 20%)
  • Final Click the calculate button

The calculator will display the final price and saving price of the item after applying the percentage off.

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