Surface Area Cube Calculator

Cube side length(a):


Free online Surface area cube calculator is a simple tool that calculates the surface area of a cube given the length of any one side.

The surface area of a cube formula:-

The surface area of a cube can be calculated using the formula:

  • Curved/Lateral Surface Area of cube = 4a² = 4(side)²
  • Total Surface Area of cube = 6a² = 6(side)²

where “side” is the length of one side of the cube.

surface area of a cube

Solved Example

Example:-Cube of side length = 10 cm, find the surface area of a cube


Curved surface area = 4a² = 4 x (10)² = 400 cm²

Total surface area = 6a² = 6 x (10)² = 600 cm²

How to use the surface area of a cube calculator

Simply enter the value for any side of the cube in the proper input box and then click the Calculate button You will see that your value is now calculated and displayed in an answer box.

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