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cube calculator will help you to calculate the volume and surface area of a cube. Use this calculator to find out the volume and surface area of a cube.

What is cube

A cube is a regular solid formed by six square faces, six right-angle triangles, and twelve edges.

A cube can also be said to be a cuboid or a rectangular box. The length, width, and height of a cube are equal to the length of its edges, which means that it is a perfectly symmetrical shape.

shape of cube

Cube formula

  • Diagonal of cube = a√3 = side x √3
  • Cube of volume = (side)³ = a³
  • Curved/Lateral Surface Area of cube = 4a² = 4(side)²
  • Total Surface Area of cube = 6a² = 6(side)²

Solved example

Example: Cube side = 15 cm, find the volume of a cube, the diagonal of the cube and the total surface area

Given values, cube side = 15 centimeters

15 cm of cube side

Diagonal of cube = a√3 = 25.981 cm

Volume of cube = a³ = 3375 cm³

Curved surface area = 4a² = 900 cm²

Total surface area = 6a² = 1350 cm²


cube side(Unit)DiagonalVolumeSurface area

How to use this cube calculator

Enter only the side length of a cube in the proper box and then press the “Calculate” button you will see the volume of the cube calculated in a box to its right with a formula being used.

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