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Cube side length(a):


Free online volume of cube calculator, you enter the length of one side of the cube, and you get the volume in cubic units.

The volume of a cube formula:-

The formula to calculate the volume of a cube is:

  • Volume of cube = (side)³ = a³

where a is the length of the edge of the cube

Solved Example

Example.1:-Cube side = 20 cm, find the volume of a cube

Volume of cube = a³ = 8000 cm³

Example 2:-Find the volume of the cube if its edge is 10cm.

Volume of cube = (side)³ = 1000 cm³

Example.3:-Find the volume of the cube if its edge is 5cm.

Volume of cube = (side)³ = 125 cm³

Table of the volume of a cube

cube side(Unit)Volume of cube
11 unit³
28 unit³
327 unit³
464 unit³
5125 unit³
6216 unit³
7343 unit³
8512 unit³
9729 unit³
10729 unit³

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