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Cuboid Calculator: find the volume of a cuboid (rectangular prism or box). Enter the length, width and height and find the volume and diagonal of a cuboid.

What is a Cuboid?

A cuboid, also known as a rectangular prism, is a three-dimensional geometric shape with six rectangular faces, twelve edges, and eight vertices.

It is characterized by having all of its angles right angles (90 degrees) and opposite faces that are parallel and congruent (having the same size and shape).

shape of cuboid

Cuboid formula

  • Volume of a cuboid = lbh
  • Diagonal of cuboid = √(l² + b² + h²)
  • Curved/Lateral Surface Area = 2(lh + bh)
  • Total Surface Area = 2(lh + bh + lb)
  • Where l-length, b-breadth,h-height

Solved example

Example.1:- A room has 16m length, 14m breadth and 7m height then find its volume of room and surface area of the room.

Answer => l→ 16 m, b→ 14 m, h→ 7 m

Volume = lbh = (16 x 14 x 7) m³ = 1568m³

Total Surface Area = 2(lh + bh + lb) = [2(16 x 14 + 14 x 7 + 16 x 7)] cm² = (2 x 434) cm² = 868 cm²

How to use the cuboid calculator 

Enter the cuboid length, breadth and height values into the appropriate input fields and then click the calculate button. All values will appear in the answer box.

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