Accelerated Aging Calculator

Accelerated Aging Time (AAT):
Accelerated Aging Factor (AAF):

Free online accelerated aging calculator – calculate accelerated aging time (AAT) and accelerated aging factor (AAF).

Accelerated Aging Formula

use the following formula for accelerated aging time



  • AAT is the accelerated aging time
  • RT is the real-time aging time (desired shelf life)
  • AAF is the accelerated aging factor

Accelerate aging factor = (Q10 ^ [(T2 – T1) / 10])

What is the Aging Factor (Q10)?

This factor represents the increase in the rate of a chemical reaction for every 10°C increase in temperature. It is used to adjust the AAT for different temperatures.

How to Use Accelerated Aging Calculator?

Step-by-step guide use the calculator

  • First, Enter shelf life days
  • Next, Enter accelerated aging temperature (TAA)
  • Next, Enter ambient temperature (TRT)
  • Next, Enter aging factor (Q10)
  • Finally, Click the calculate button

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