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Molarity to Moles Formula

To calculate moles from molarity, you can use the formula

n = M * V


  • n = Number of moles (mol)
  • M = Molarity (M or mol/L)
  • V = Volume of solution (L)

How to convert molarity to moles?

To convert molarity to moles, Simply molarity (M) multiplied by the volume(L) of the solution then you get mole value

Here step by step

  1. First, Determine the molarity (mol/L)
  2. Next, Determine the volume of the soln (L)
  3. Finally, Put values in the above formula

Solved Example

Example 1 – A solution with a molarity of 0.8 M, and the volume of the solution is 1.5 liters. Calculate the moles of solute in the solution.

Given Values

  • Molarity (M) = 0.8 M
  • Volume (V) = 1.5 L

Put values into the formula

Moles = Molarity (M) * Volume (L) = 0.8 * 1.5 = 1.2 M

so, 1.2 moles of solute in the solution

Example 2 – If the molarity is 3 M and the volume is 25 ml, then calculate the moles

Given Value

  • Molarity = 3M
  • Volume = 25 ml =25 /1000 L = 0.025 liter

Moles = M * V = 3 M * 0.025 L = 0.075 mol

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