CC to HP Calculator


Using our online CC to HP calculator. Simply enter the engine displacement in CC then click the calculate button.

What is CC To HP Calculator?

A cc to hp calculator is a tool that allows you to convert your engine’s displacement in cubic centimeters to horsepower. This can be a useful conversion to know when you are shopping for a new car or motorcycle, or when you are trying to figure out the power output in horsepower.

The formula of CC to HP

There is no direct formula to convert CC to HP because it depends on many factors such as engine design, compression ratio, fuel type, and other variables.

you can use a general approximation

  • HP = CC / 15
  • HP = horsepower
  • CC = Cubic centimeters

How to Calculate CC to HP

Example:- if your car engine displacement is 2000 cc then find power in hp

HP = CC / 15

Horsepower = 2000 / 15 = 133.333 hp

The car engine power is 133.33 HP

CC to HP Table

Approximate constant value 15 to divide in cc for calculating hp

100 cc6.66667 HP
110 cc7.33333 HP
163 cc10.86667 HP
212 cc14.13333 HP
357 cc23.80000 HP
382 cc25.46667 HP
439 cc29.26667 HP
459 cc30.60000 HP
500 cc33.33333 HP
725 cc48.33333 HP
1000 cc66.66667 HP
1100 cc73.33333 HP
1200 cc80 HP
1300 cc86.66667 HP
1400 cc93.33333 HP
1500 cc100 HP
2000 cc13.33333 HP

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