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BHP(Brake horsepower) to HP Formula

Bhp will always be slightly lower than hp due to the power lost to friction within the engine. The difference is usually around 2-3%, but it can vary depending on the engine size and efficiency.

To convert BHP to HP, you can use the following approx formula:

HP = BHP * 1.014

  • HP = Horsepower
  • BHP = Brake horsepower

How to calculate bhp to hp?

To convert from Brake horsepower to horsepower, all you need to do is multiply the value of BHP by 1.0141. then you get in horsepower

Example – A car’s engine has a Brake Horsepower (BHP) rating of 150 BHP. Then convert it into horsepower?

Givien, Brake Horsepower = 150 bhp

Horsepower (HP) = BHP * 1.0141 = 150 * 1.0141 = 152.115 hp

The car’s engine has an approximate power output of 152.115 HP

BHP to HP Conversion Chart

The table shows the approximate value of Brake horsepower to horsepower conversion value.

Brake HorsepowerHorsepowerBrake HorsepowerHorsepower
1 bhp1.014 HP2 bhp2.028 HP
3 bhp3.042 HP4 bhp4.056 HP
5 bhp5.070 HP6 bhp6.084 HP
7 bhp7.098 HP8 bhp8.112 HP
9 bhp9.126 HP10 bhp10.14 HP
20 bhp20.28 HP30 bhp30.42 HP
40 bhp40.56 HP50 bhp50.7 HP
60 bhp60.84 HP70 bhp70.98 HP
80 bhp81.12 HP90 bhp91.260 HP
100 bhp101.40 HP150 bhp152.10 HP
200 bhp202.80 HP250 bhp253.50 HP
300 bhp304.20 HP350 bhp354.90 HP
400 bhp405.60 HP450 bhp456.30 HP
500 bhp507 HP550 bhp557.70 HP
600 bhp608.40 HP650 bhp659.10 HP
700 bhp709.8 HP750 bhp760.50 HP
800 bhp811.20 HP850 bhp861.90 HP
900 bhp912.60 HP950 bhp963.30 HP
1000 bhp1014 HP1100 bhp1115.40 HP

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