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Free online BHP to HP calculator. Simply enter the value in BHP or HP and get results instantly- formula use:- HP = BHP * 0.9863.



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BHP to HP Formula

To convert BHP to HP, you can use the following formula:

HP = BHP * 0.9863

  • HP = Horsepower
  • BHP = Brake horsepower

The 0.986 factor is a conversion factor that accounts for the fact that BHP is slightly less than HP.

How to calculate bhp to hp?

To convert from BHP to HP, all you need to do is multiply the value of BHP by 0.986. then you get in horsepower

Example – A car’s engine has a Brake Horsepower (BHP) rating of 150 BHP. Then convert it into horsepower?

Givien, Brake Horsepower = 150 bhp

Horsepower (HP) = BHP * 0.9863 = 150 * 0.9863 = 147.9450 hp

The car’s engine has an approximate power output of 147.9 HP

BHP to HP Conversion Chart

Brake horsepower to horsepower some conversion value.

Brake HorsepowerHorsepowerBrake HorsepowerHorsepower
1 bhp0.9863 hp2 bhp1.9726 hp
3 bhp2.9589 hp4 bhp3.9452 hp
5 bhp4.9315 hp6 bhp5.9178 hp
7 bhp6.9041 hp8 bhp7.8904 hp
9 bhp8.8767 hp10 bhp9.8630 hp
20 bhp19.7260 hp30 bhp29.5890 hp
40 bhp39.4520 hp50 bhp49.3150 hp
60 bhp59.1780 hp70 bhp69.0410 hp
80 bhp78.9040 hp90 bhp88.7670 hp
100 bhp98.6300 hp150 bhp147.9450 hp
200 bhp197.2600 hp250 bhp246.5750 hp
300 bhp295.8900 hp350 bhp345.2050 hp
400 bhp394.5200 hp450 bhp443.8350 hp
500 bhp493.1500 hp550 bhp542.4650 hp
600 bhp591.7800 hp650 bhp641.0950 hp
700 bhp690.4100 hp750 bhp739.7250 hp
800 bhp789.0400 hp850 bhp838.3550 hp
900 bhp887.6700 hp950 bhp936.9850 hp
1000 bhp986.3000 hp1100 bhp1084.9300 hp

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