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Online ps to HP calculator – Convert Pferdestärke to horsepower calculator just enter the ps value and then click the calculate button.

Pferdestärke to horsepower formula

The formula for converting Pferdestarke to horsepower is:

HP = PS * 0.98632

  • HP = power in horsepower
  • Ps = power in pferdestarke

How to calculate Ps to HP?

Simply multiply the value of Pferdestärke (PS) by 0.98632 to obtain the equivalent value in horsepower (hp). This conversion factor is an approximation based on the commonly used values for PS and hp.

Example: if a car has a power output of 220 PS(pferdestarke), then its power output in HP(horsepower) is:

Given ps value is 220 ps

Then, Horsepower = PS * 0.98632 = 220 * 0.98632 hp

PS to HP Table

1 ps0.98632 HP
5 ps4.93160 HP
10 ps9.86320 HP
50 ps49.31600 HP
100 ps98.63200 HP
110 ps108.49520 HP
120 ps118.35840 HP
130 ps128.22160 HP
140 ps138.08480 HP
150 ps147.94800 HP
160 ps157.81120 HP
168 ps165.70176 HP
170 ps167.67440 HP
180 ps177.53760 HP
190 ps187.40080 HP
200 ps197.26400 HP
207 ps204.16824 HP
235 ps231.78520 HP
250 ps246.58000 HP
300 ps295.89600 HP
344 ps339.29408 HP
350 ps345.21200 HP
400 ps394.52800 HP
446 ps439.89872 HP
500 ps493.16000 HP
544 ps536.55808 HP
550 ps542.47600 HP
600 ps591.79200 HP
700 ps690.42400 HP
800 ps789.05600 HP
900 ps887.68800 HP
1000 ps986.32000 HP

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