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Free online HP to BHP calculator. Simply enter the value in HP or BHP and get results instantly- formula use:-BHP = HP / 0.9863.



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HP to BHP Formula

To convert HP to BHP, you can use the following formula:

BHP = HP / 0.9863

  • HP = Horsepower
  • BHP = Brake horsepower

The 0.986 factor is a conversion factor that accounts for the fact that BHP is slightly less than HP.

How to calculate hp to bhp?

To convert from HP to BHP, all you need to do is divide the value of HP by 0.986. then you get in brake horsepower

Example – A car’s engine has a Horsepower (HP) rating of 155 HP. Then convert it into brake horsepower?

Givien, Horsepower = 155 hp

Brake Horsepower (BHP) = HP / 0.9863 = 155 / 0.9863 bhp = 157.1530 bhp

155 horsepower is equal to 157.1530 brake horsepower

HP to BHP Conversion Chart

Horsepower to brake horsepower some conversion value.

HorsepowerBrake HorsepowerHorsepowerBrake Horsepower
1 hp1.0139 bhp2 hp2.0278 bhp
3 hp3.0417 bhp4 hp4.0556 bhp
5 hp5.0695 bhp6 hp6.0833 bhp
7 hp7.0972 bhp8 hp8.1111 bhp
9 hp9.1250 bhp10 hp10.1389 bhp
20 hp20.2778 bhp30 hp30.4167 bhp
40 hp40.5556 bhp50 hp50.6945 bhp
60 hp60.8334 bhp70 hp70.9723 bhp
80 hp81.1112 bhp90 hp91.2501 bhp
100 hp101.3890 bhp150 hp152.0835 bhp
200 hp202.7781 bhp250 hp253.4726 bhp
500 hp506.9451 bhp1000 hp1013.8903 bhp
2000 hp2027.7806 bhp5000 hp5069.4515 bhp

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