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HP to BHP (Brake horsepower) Formula

Due to the small difference between hp and bhp, a simple multiplication factor can be used for most practical purposes

To convert HP to BHP, you can use the following approx formula:

BHP = HP * 0.9863

  • HP = Horsepower
  • BHP = Brake horsepower

How to calculate hp to bhp?

To convert from HP to BHP(Brake horsepower), all you need to do is multiply the value of HP by 0.986. then you get in brake horsepower

Example – A car’s engine has a Horsepower (HP) rating of 155 HP. Then convert it into brake horsepower?

Givien, Horsepower = 155 hp

Brake Horsepower (BHP) = HP * 0.9863 = 155 * 0.9863 bhp = 152.87 bhp

155 horsepower is equal to 152.87 brake horsepower

HP to BHP Conversion Chart

Horsepower to brake horsepower some conversion value.

HorsepowerBrake HorsepowerHorsepowerBrake Horsepower
1 hp0.9863 BHP2 hp1.9726 BHP
3 hp2.9589 BHP4 hp3.9452 BHP
5 hp4.9315 BHP6 hp5.9178 BHP
7 hp6.9041 BHP8 hp7.8904 BHP
9 hp8.8767 BHP10 hp9.8630 BHP
20 hp19.7260 BHP30 hp29.5890 BHP
40 hp39.4520 BHP50 hp49.3150 BHP
60 hp59.1780 BHP70 hp69.0410 BHP
80 hp78.9040 BHP90 hp88.7670 BHP
100 hp98.630 BHP150 hp147.9450 BHP
200 hp197.260 BHP250 hp246.5750 BHP
500 hp493.150 BHP1000 hp986.30 BHP
2000 hp1972.60 BHP5000 hp4931.50 BHP

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