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Free online hp to whp calculator – Convert horsepower to wheel horsepower. Simply input the horsepower value and select the drivetrain type then click the calculate button.

HP to WHP formula

You can use the following formula for horsepower (hp) to wheel horsepower (whp)

WHP = HP * (1 – DL/100)

  • WHP = wheel horsepower
  • HP = horsepower
  • DL = drivetrain loss

Drivetrain loss based on selected type

Drivetrain typedrive loss percentage
Front-wheel drive10%
Rear-wheel drive15%
All-wheel drive25%

How to calculate hp to whp?

To convert horsepower (hp) to wheel horsepower (whp), you can use a conversion factor that takes into account the drivetrain losses.

For example – you have a car with 280 horsepower and a drivetrain loss of 15% then calculate power in wheel horsepower(whp)

whp = 280 hp x (1 – 0.15)
whp = 280 hp x 0.85
whp = 238

the wheel horsepower of the car for a 15% drivetrain loss, would be 238 whp

HP to WHP Table.

HPFront-wheelRear- wheelAll Wheel
100 hp90 whp85 whp75 whp
200 hp180 whp170 whp150 whp
300 hp270 whp255 whp225 whp
400 hp360 whp340 whp300 whp
500 hp450 whp425 whp375 whp
600 hp540 whp510 whp450 whp
700 hp630 whp595 whp525 whp
800 hp720 whp680 whp600 whp
900 hp810 whp765 whp675 whp
1000 hp900 whp850 whp750 whp
1500 hp1350 whp1275 whp1125 whp

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