HP to CC Calculator


Free online HP to CC calculator. Simply enter the engine displacement in HP and then click the calculate button.

What is HP to CC Calculator

A hp to cc calculator is a tool that can be used to estimate the engine displacement (in cubic centimeters or cc) of an internal combustion engine based on its horsepower (hp) output.

Formula of HP to CC

you can use a general approximation

  • CC = HP *15
  • HP = horsepower
  • CC = Cubic centimeters

How to Calculate HP to CC

Example:- Convert 17.5 hp to cc

CC = HP * 15 = 15 * 17.5 = 262.5

17.5 horsepower is approximately 262.5 cubic centimeter(cc)

HP to CC Conversion Chart

HorsepowerCubic CentimetersHorsepowerCubic Centimeters
1 hp15 cc1.5 hp22.5 cc
2 hp30 cc2.5 hp37.5 cc
3 hp45 cc3.5 hp52.5 cc
4 hp60 cc4.5 hp67.5 cc
5 hp75 cc5.5 hp82.5 cc
6 hp90 cc6.5 hp97.5 cc
7 hp105 cc7.5 hp112.5 cc
8 hp120 cc8.5 hp127.5 cc
9 hp135 cc9.5 hp142.5 cc
10 hp150 cc10.5 hp157.5 cc
11 hp165 cc11.5 hp172.5 cc
12 hp180 cc12.5 hp187.5 cc
13 hp195 cc13.5 hp202.5 cc
14 hp210 cc14.5 hp217.5 cc
15 hp225 cc15.5 hp232.5 cc

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