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Online HP to ps calculator – convert horsepower to Pferdestärke, just enter the HP value then click the calculate button.

Horsepower to Pferdestärke formula

The formula for converting horsepower to Pferdestarke is:

PS = HP / 0.98632

  • HP = power in horsepower
  • Ps = power in pferdestarke

How to calculate HP to Ps?

Simply divide the value of horsepower (hp) by 0.98632 to obtain the equivalent value in Pferdestärke (PS). This conversion factor is an approximation based on the commonly used values for PS and hp.

Example: if a car has a power output of 335 HP(horsepower), then its power output in PS(pferdestarke) is:

Given Horsepower value is 335 hp.

Then, Pferdestarke = HP / 0.98632 = 335 hp / 0.98632 = 339.64636 ps

HP to PS Table

1 hp1.01387 PS
2 hp2.02774 PS
3 hp3.04161 PS
4 hp4.05548 PS
5 hp5.06935 PS
6 hp6.08322 PS
7 hp7.09709 PS
8 hp8.11096 PS
9 hp9.12483 PS
10 hp10.13870 PS
20 hp20.27739 PS
30 hp30.41609 PS
40 hp40.55479 PS
50 hp50.69349 PS
60 hp60.83218 PS
70 hp70.97088 PS
80 hp81.10958 PS
90 hp91.24828 PS
100 hp101.38697 PS
115 hp116.59502 PS
150 hp152.08046 PS
200 hp202.77395 PS
300 hp304.16092 PS
306 hp310.24414 PS
335 hp339.64636 PS
340 hp344.71571 PS
400 hp405.54790 PS
450 hp456.24138 PS
500 hp506.93487 PS

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