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Free online whp to hp calculator – Convert wheel horsepower to horsepower. Simply input your wheel horsepower value and select drivetrain type then click the calculate button.

What is the formula of whp to hp?

The formula for converting wheel horsepower (WHP) to horsepower (HP) is straightforward. Since wheel horsepower refers to the amount of power measured at the wheels of a vehicle, it takes into account any power losses that may occur in the drivetrain

HP = WHP / (1 – DL/100)

  • HP = horsepower
  • WHP = wheel horsepower
  • DL = drivetrain loss

Drivetrain loss based on selected type

Drivetrain typedrive loss percentage
Front-wheel drive10%
Rear-wheel drive15%
All-wheel drive25%

How to calculate whp to hp?

To convert wheel horsepower (WHP) to horsepower (HP), you need to know the drivetrain efficiency. The drivetrain efficiency represents the power losses between the engine and the wheels.

For example – if a car has a wheel horsepower of 2800 and a drive train loss factor of 10%, then calculate the engine horsepower.

Given, wheel horsepower = 2800 and drivetrain loss factor = 10%

Engine Horsepower = whp/(1 – dl) = 2800 / (1 – 0.1) = 280 / 0.9 = 311.11 hp

WHP to HP Table

Whp to hp chart table for front-wheel, rear-wheel and all-wheel.

WHPFront-wheelRear- wheelAll Wheel
10 whp11.11111 hp11.76471 hp13.33333 hp
50 whp55.55556 hp58.82353 hp66.66667 hp
100 whp111.11111 hp117.64706 hp133.33333 hp
150 whp166.66667 hp176.47059 hp200 hp
200 whp222.22222 hp235.29412 hp266.66667 hp
250 whp277.77778 hp294.11765 hp333.33333 hp
300 whp333.33333 hp352.94118 hp400 hp
350 whp388.88889 hp411.76471 hp466.66667 hp
400 whp444.44444 hp470.58824 hp533.33333 hp
450 whp500 hp529.41176 hp600 hp
500 whp555.55556 hp588.23529 hp666.66667 hp
550 whp611.11111 hp647.05882 hp733.33333 hp
600 whp666.66667 hp705.88235 hp800 hp
650 whp722.22222 hp764.70588 hp866.66667 hp
700 whp777.77778 hp823.52941 hp933.33333 hp
750 whp833.33333 hp882.35294 hp1000 hp
800 whp888.88889 hp941.17647 hp1066.66667 hp
850 whp944.44444 hp1000 hp1133.33333 hp
900 whp1000 hp1058.82353 hp1200 hp
950 whp1055.55556 hp1117.64706 hp1266.66667 hp
1000 whp1111.11111 hp1176.47059 hp1333.33333 hp

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