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Cubic feet calculator is a free calculator that enters the length, width and height in ft, in, yd, cm and m and calculates the volume of space in feet.

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What are cubic feet

The volume of a cube/cuboid measured in feet unit is called cubic feet and one cubic foot is a volume of 1ft³ length, width and height 1ft.

A cubic foot is a unit for measuring the volume of a shape. A cubic foot is the volume of a block with each side 1 foot in length. This means that a cubic foot is the volume of a box that is 1 foot by 1 foot by 1 foot.

one cubic feet

The formula of cubic feet:-

  • cubic feet = lbh = length(ft) * width(ft) * height(ft)
  • Where l-length, b-breadth/width, h-height/depth

How to convert other cubic to cubic feet

cubic inch to cubic ftDivide by 1728
cubic cm to cubic ftmultiply by 3.5315E-5
cubic yards to cubic ftmultiply by 27
cubic meters to cubic ftmultiply by 35.314667

Cubic feet calculator is generally used in shipping and freight. For example, if you looking at Television, mobile, and also when construction this time important to know how much space is required. and also shipping company and e-commerce company cost is measured in cubic feet generally.

How to solve cubic feet from inches

Example.1:- A container has a length of 40 inches, width of 80 inches and height of 36 inches, Then find the cubic feet/volume of the container in ft.

Answer =>First change the unit into ft.

  • Length = 40 / 12 ft = 3.33 ft
  • Width = 80 / 12 ft = 6.66 ft
  • Length = 36 / 12 ft = 3 ft

Volume of container in foot = lbh = 3.33*6.66*3 = 66.53ft³

How to use cubic feet calculator

Enter the cubic length in ft, cubic breadth/width in ft and cubic height/depth in ft in the proper input field and then click the button calculate, but if you have cubic length, width and height in any unit so first convert in feet then entered in the input field.

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