Cubic Yard Calculator

Cubic yard calculator is a free calculator that enters the length, width and height in yd, in, ft, cm and m and calculates the volume of space in the yard.

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What is a cubic yard?

The volume of a 3-D shape measured in a yard unit is called a cubic yard and one cubic yard is a volume of 1yd³ length, width and height are 1yard.

cubic yard

The formula of cubic yards:-

  • cubic yard = lbh = length(yd) * width(yd) * height(yd)
  • Where l-length, b-breadth/width, h-height/depth

How to convert other cubic to cubic yard

cubic feet to cubic yardDivide by 27
cubic mm to cubic yardDivide by 7.646e+8
cubic inch to cubic yardmultiply by 2.1433E-5
cubic cm to cubic yardmultiply by 1.308E-6
cubic meter to cubic yardmultiply by 1.307951

How to calculate cubic yard

Example.1:- A box has a length of 9 feet, width of 6 feet and height of 3 feet, Then find cubic yards/volume of the box in yards.

Answer =>First change unit feet into the yard.

  • Length = 9 / 3 yd = 3 yd
  • Width = 6 / 3 yd = 2 yd
  • Height = 3 / 3 yd = 1 yd

Volume of box = lbh = 3 * 2 * 1 = 6yd³

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