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Cubic meter calculator is a free calculator that enters the length, width and height in ft, in, yd, cm and m and calculates the volume of space in meters.

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What are cubic meters?

The volume 3-D box(cube/cuboid) measured in meter units is called a cubic meter and one cubic meter is a volume of 1m³ in length, width and height are 1m.

Cubic meters are a unit for measuring the volume of a shape. For example, a box that is 10 meters by 15 meters by 20 meters would have a volume of 3000 cubic meters.

cubic meter

The formula for cubic meter:-

cubic feet = lbh = length(m) * width(m) * height(m)

Where l-length, b-breadth/width, h-height/depth

How to convert other cubic to cubic meters

cubic foot to cubic metermultiply by 0.028317
cubic cm to cubic metermultiply by 1000000
cubic yards to cubic metermultiply by 0.764555
cubic inch to cubic metermultiply by 1.6387e-5

How to solve cubic meter

Example.1:- A 3-dimension box has a length of 20 meters, a width of 25 meters and a height of 3 meters, Then find the cubic inches/volume of the container in?

Answer =>Now solve the problem

  • Length = 20 meters
  • Width = 25 meters
  • Height = 3 meters

Volume of 3-dimension box = lbh = 20 * 25 * 3 = 1500m³

How to use a cubic meter calculator

Enter the cubic length in meters, cubic breadth/width in meters and cubic height/depth in meters in the proper input field and then click the button calculate, but if you cubic L, W and H in any unit so first change the tab in a given unit.

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