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Cubic inches calculator is a free calculator that enters the length, width and height in inches, ft, yd, cm and m and calculates the volume of space in an inch.

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What is a cubic inch?

The volume of a cube/cuboid measured in an inch unit is called a cubic inches

cubic inches

The formula of cubic inches:-

  • cubic feet = lbh = length(in) * width(in) * height(in)
  • Where l-length, b-breadth/width, h-height/depth

How to convert other cubic to cubic inches

cubic foot to cubic inchesmultiply by 1728
cubic cm to cubic inchesmultiply by 0.061024
cubic yards to cubic inchesmultiply by 46656.00073
cubic meters to cubic inchesmultiply by 61023.744095

How to solve cubic inch from feet

Example.1:- A container has a length of 10 feet, a width of 15 feet and a height of 5 feet, Then find the cubic inches/volume of the container inch?

Answer =>First change unit feet into inches.

  • Length = 10 * 12 in = 120 in
  • Width = 15 * 12 in = 180 in
  • Height = 5 * 12 in = 60 in

Volume of container = lbh = 120 * 180 * 60 = 1296000in³

Use of cubic inch calculator

Cubic inch calculator is generally used in shipping and freight. For example, if you looking at Television, mobile, and also when construction this time important to know how much space is required.

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