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Discount calculator

calculatorway provide free to used online discount calculator, this calculator used to when give discount offer, so important to calculate final price value after reduce the discount percentage offer.

๐Ÿ’ก A discount rate is a monetary value which is used in capital budgeting. It is a discount, or price cut, on the future cash flows of a project. The discount rate is commonly referred to as a hurdle rate, which means an investment project will have to achieve a certain hurdle rate in order to be profitable.

Why is the discount calculator so important in your business ๐Ÿ†

The discount rate is the percent at which you can buy or sell stocks. You'll need to do the appropriate research to find the prevailing discount rate for the company and the region so you can accurately value the company and make future predictions.

๐ŸŽ‰Discount formula

  • Discount price = List price - (List price * discount/100)
  • Saving Price = List price *discount percentage/100
  • Discounted price = List price - Saving price

๐Ÿ’กHow to calculate the discounted price.

Example.1:-List price = $5500, discount offer = 12.5%, find discounted price?

solve:-Discounted price = $5500 - ($5500 * 12.5/100)

Discounted price = $4812.5

✍Discount calculator table

List price Discount % Discounted price Saving
$100 10% $90 $10
$125 12% $110 $15
$150 13% $130.5 $19.5
$200 14% $172 $28
$250 15% $212.5 $37.5

How to use Discount calculator โ“

This calculator is based on two types of discount first discount percentage and second fixed discount price. if you select percentage off tab then enter the list price in the proper input field and also discount percentage in the proper input field and then click the calculate button. But if you select fixed amount tab so first entered list price and also put fixed disount price in the proper input field and then click the calculate button, you get all answer in answer box with discounted price and saving price.

discount calculator

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