Square yards calculator

Enter the L and W in terms of yd, m, cm, mm and meters then click calculate button.

What is Square Yards calculator

The square yards calculator is measured an area in yard so it's called the square yard area. This sq yd calculator can be used to determine the area of rectangle and square. If a shape has an area of one square yard, it can be said to be one square yard in area.

square yards calculator for calculate area in sq yd

Square yard formula:-

  • Square yard = length(yd) x width(yd)

How to convert other square to square yard

Square cm to sq yd Divide by 8361
Square mm to sq yd Divide by 836100
Square inch to sq yd Divide by 1296
Square feet to sq yd Divide by 9
Square meter to sq yd multiply by 1.196

Why used square yard calculator

This square yard calculator will also ensure that you are ordering the right amount of material. For example, if you are having carpet placed in your living room, you need to know how many square yard are in your living room.

How to use square yard calculator

Square yard calculator measures the area in sq yd. Enter the length and width in terms of meters, centimetre, millimetre, feet, inch and yard and click Calculate to find out the area measured in square yard.and also calculate cost . For example, if you want to find out what is the area of a small room with dimensions of 5 yard in length and 8 yard in width, and price is 25$ per square yard enter the values in the Length ,Width and cost and press Calculate.


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