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Point to Pixels conversion

Conversion of Point(pt) to Pixel(px) scale, simply multiply by 1.3333 in points, For example, to convert 120Point to pixel, you can simply multiply by 96/72, 120 * (96/72) = 160pixels, the answer is that 120PT is equal to 160PX.

pt to px converter(point to pixels)

Formula of point to pixel conversion

  • px = pt * (96/72) = pt * 1.3333
  • px = pixel
  • pt = point

How to convert from px to pt?

Example.1:-How to convert 18points to pixel?

solution:-step by step solve 18pt to px

Step 1:-Pixel = point * (96/72) = point * 1.333

Step 2:-Pixel = point * (96/72) = 18 * 1.333 = 24 pixels

Step 3:-18points = 24pixels

18points is equal to 24pixels

Example.2:-How to convert 20points to pixels?

solution:-step by step solve 20PT to Px

Step 1:-Pixel = point * (96/72) = point * 1.333

Step 2:-Pixel = point * (96/72) = 20 * 1.333 = 24 pixels

Step 3:-20points = 26.666pixels

20points is equal to 26.666pixels

PT to PX conversion table.

1pt 1.333px 2pt 2.66px 3pt 4px
4pt 5.333px 5pt 6.666pt 6pt 8px
7pt 9.333px 8pt 10.666px 9pt 12px
10pt 13.333px 11pt 14.666px 12pt 16px
13pt 17.333px 14pt 18.666px 15pt 20px
16pt 21.333px 17pt 22.666px 18pt 24px
19pt 25.333px 20pt 26.666px 21pt 28px
22pt 29.333px 23pt 30.666px 24pt 32px
25pt 33.333px 26pt 34.666px 27pt 36px
28pt 37.333px 29pt 38.666px 30pt 40px
31pt 41.333px 32pt 42.666px 33pt 44px
34pt 45.333px 35pt 46.666px 36pt 48px
37pt 49.333px 38pt 50.666px 39pt 52px
40pt 53.333px 41pt 54.666px 42pt 56px
43pt 57.333px 44pt 58.666px 45pt 60px
46pt 61.333px 47pt 62.666px 48pt 64px
49pt 65.333px 50pt 66.666px 51pt 68px
52pt 69.333px 53pt 70.666px 54pt 72px
55pt 73.333px 56pt 74.666px 57pt 76pt
58pt 77.333px 59pt 78.666px 60pt 80px
61pt 81.333px 62pt 32.666px 63pt 84px
64pt 85.333px 65pt 46.666px 66pt 88px
67pt 89.33px 68pt 90.666px 69pt 92px
70pt 93.333px 71pt 94.666px 72pt 96px
73pt 97.333px 74pt 98.666px 75pt 100px
76pt 101.333px 77pt 102.666px 78pt 104px
79pt 105.333px 80pt 106.666px 81pt 108px
82pt 109.333px 83pt 110.666px 84pt 112px
85pt 113.333px 86pt 114.666px 87pt 116px
88pt 117.333px 89pt 118.666px 90pt 120px
91pt 121.333px 92pt 122.666px 93pt 124px
94pt 125.333px 95pt 126.666px 96pt 128px
97pt 129.333px 98pt 130.666px 99pt 132px
100pt 133.333px 101pt 134.666px 102pt 136px

How to use pt to px conversion calculator?

To change the Point(pt) to pixels(px) unit, enter the value in the point value in input field. Once you have entered a valid value for point, click on "convert" and the answer will display in the Answer Box.

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