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Px to em conversion

Conversion of pixels(px) to em typography scale, simply divide by 16px(Base font size = 16px) , For example, to convert 1024px to em, you can simply divide by 16px, 1024/16 = 64em, the answer is that 1024px is equal to 64 em.

px to em conversion

Formula of px to em conversion

  • em = px / font size(default font size = 16 px)
  • px = pixels

How to convert from px to em?

Example.1:-How to convert 10 px to em?

solution:-step by step solve px to em

Step 1:-em = px / font size(Base = 16px)

Step 2:-em = 10 / 16 = 0.625

Step 3:-10px = 0.625em

10px is equal to 0.625em and 62.50%

Example.2:-How to convert 18 px to em?

solution:-step by step solve px to em

Step 1:-em = px / font size(Base = 16px)

Step 2:-em = 18 / 16 = 1.125

Step 3:-18px = 1.125em

18px is equal to 1.125em and 112.50%

px to em conversion table(Base font-size = 16px)

px em percent(%)
3px 0.1875em 18.75%
4px 0.25em 25%
5px 0.3125em 31.25%
6px 0.375em 37.5%
7px 0.4375em 43.75%
8px 0.5em 50%
9px 0.5625em 56.25%
10px 0.625em 62.5%
11px 0.6875em 68.75%
12px 0.75em 75%
13px 0.8125em 81.25%
14px 0.875em 87.5%
15px 0.9375em 93.75%
16px 1em 1%
17px 1.0625em 106.25%
18px 1.125em 112.50%
19px 1.1875em 118.75%
20px 1.25em 125%
21px 1.3125em 131.25%
22px 1.375em 137.50%
23px 1.4375em 143.75%
24px 1.5em 150%
25px 1.5625em 156.25%
30px 1.875em 187.50%
32px 2em 200%
40px 2.5em 250%
48px 3em 300%
64px 4em 400%
80px 5em 500%
96px 6em 600%
128px 8em 800%

How to use px to em conversion calculator?

To change the typography px to em, enter the value in the px input field. Once you have entered a valid value for px, click on "convert" and the answer will display in the Answer Box.

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