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Rem to pixels conversion

Conversion of rem to px(pixels) unit, simply multiply by 16px(Root font - size = 16px) , For example, to convert 1.875 rem to px, you can simply multiply by 16px, 1.875 * 16 = 30px, the answer is that 1.875 rem is equal to 30 px.

rem to px converter

Formula of rem to px converter

  • px = rem * font-size(Root font-size = 16px)
  • px = pixels

How to convert from rem to pixels?

Example.1:-How to convert 1.5rem to pixels?

solution:-step by step solve rem to pixels

Step 1:-px = rem * font-size(Root = 16px)

Step 2:-px = 1.5 * 16 = 24

Step 3:-1.5rem = 24px

1.5rem is equal to 24 pixels

Example.2:-How to convert 1.3rem to pixels?

solution:-step by step solve rem to pixels

Step 1:-px = rem * font-size(Root = 16px)

Step 2:-px = 1.3 * 16 = 20.8

Step 3:-1.3rem = 20.8px

1.3rem is equal to 20.8 pixels

Example.2:-How to convert 1 rem to px?

solution:-step by step solve 1 rem to pixel

Step 1:-px = rem * font-size(Root = 16px)

Step 2:-px = 1 * 16 = 16

Step 3:-1 rem = 16 px

1 rem is equal to 16 pixel

Rem to pixels table(Root/base font-size = 16px)

Rem pixels Rem pixels Rem pixels Rem pixels
0.25rem 4px 0.5rem 8px 0.75rem 12px 1rem 16px
1.25rem 20px 1.5rem 24px 1.75rem 28px 2rem 32px
2.25rem 36px 2.5rem 40px 2.75rem 44px 3rem 48px
3.25rem 52px 3.5rem 56px 3.75rem 60px 4rem 64px
4.25rem 68px 4.5rem 72px 4.75rem 76px 5rem 80px
5.25rem 84px 5.5rem 88px 5.75rem 76px 6rem 96px
6.25rem 100px 6.5rem 104px 6.75rem 108px 7rem 112px
7.25rem 116px 7.5rem 120px 7.75rem 124px 8rem 128px
8.25rem 132px 8.5rem 136px 8.75rem 140px 9rem 144px
9.25rem 148px 9.5rem 152px 9.75rem 156px 10rem 160px
10.25rem 164px 10.5rem 168px 10.75rem 172px 11rem 176px
11.25rem 180px 11.5rem 184px 11.75rem 188px 12rem 192px
12.25rem 196px 12.5rem 200px 12.75rem 204px 13rem 208px
13.25rem 212px 13.5rem 216px 13.75rem 220px 14rem 224px
14.25rem 228px 14.5rem 232px 14.75rem 236px 15rem 240px
15.25rem 244px 15.5rem 248px 15.75rem 252px 16rem 256px
16.25rem 260px 16.5rem 264px 16.75rem 268px 17rem 272px
17.25rem 276px 17.5rem 280px 17.75rem 284px 18rem 288px
18.25rem 292px 18.5rem 296px 18.75rem 300px 19rem 304px
19.25rem 308px 19.5rem 312px 19.75rem 316px 20rem 320px

How to use rem to px converter calculator?

To change the rem to pixels unit, enter the value in the rem input field. Once you have entered a valid value for rem, click on "convert" and the answer will display in pixels value in answer box.

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