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Concentration to molarity formula

To convert concentration to molarity, you can use the formula

M = C/M.Wt


  • C = Concentration (mg/mL, ug/L)
  • M = Molarity (M or mol/L)
  • M.Wt = Molecular weight (g/mol)

How to calculate concentration to molarity?

To calculate concentration to molarity, Simply Concentration (g/L) divided by the molecular weight (g/mol) then you get molarity (mol/L)

Here step by step

  1. First, Determine the Concentration (g/L)
  2. Next, Determine the molecular weight (g/mol)
  3. Finally, Put values in the above formula

Solved Example

Example – A solution with a concentration of 50 g/L of sodium chloride (NaCl). The molar mass of NaCl is approximately 58.44 g/mol. and calculate molarity

Given Values-

  • Concentration = 50 g/L
  • The molecular weight of NaCl = 58.44 g/mol

Molarity = concentration/molecular weight = 50 / 58.44 = 0.856164 M

the molarity of the solution is 0.856 M

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