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What is tip

◉ Tip is an extra amount given to individual service and also organizations. People who work in the restaurant industry, for example, waiters, waitresses, bartenders, etc. are very common in the practice of tipping. Tips are usually an extra amount of money given to workers who provide services to customers. Most of the time it is given in cash after the services have been rendered. This is a practice that was started in the United States in the nineteenth century.

◉ tip (American English) or tips (British English) is a gratuity (a small sum of money given for services rendered, achievements, or other types of service) for service employees, such as waiters, waitresses, doormen, bellhops, cab drivers, hotel maids, cleaning staff, bartenders, barbers, hairstylists, taxi drivers, hotel maids, and others. Tips are given to reward for good service, for large bills, to show appreciation for the service, or as an apology for a small bill.

◉ The tip or gratuity is a sum of money given voluntarily by the client to the service provider. This is a common practice in many countries around the world. The tip can be a good incentive for the service providers to provide a better service. In the United States, for example, services rendered by taxi drivers, waiters or other people who work in the service industry, are often accompanied by a tip. In many restaurants, the tip is included in the final price. In this case, the consumer must take into account the tip during the calculation of the final price, or pay the difference. In the United States, the tip is not mandatory, but it is a custom. In other countries, such as Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom, the tip is not a mandatory requirement, but a customary practice. In some places, such as Japan or Scandinavia, tipping is not practiced.

Tip calculator formula ⭐

  • Tip Amount = Bill Amount * (tip percentage/100)
  • Total Billed Amount = Tip Amount + Bill Amount
  • Tip Per Person = Tip Amount / Number of people
  • Total Per Person = Total billed amount / Number of people

How to calculate tip amount and billed amount ⭐

◉ calculate a tip is to simply multiply your bill by 10%. If the bill is $100 for example, a 10% tip would be $10. This method is good if you have a party of 4 or more. If you have a party of 2 though, a smaller tip should be used. A tip calculator can be used to find the tip for a bill. A tip calculator can also be used to find the subtotal of a bill.

Example.1:-Bill amount = $100, Tip Percentage = 10% , calculate tip amount and total billed amount?

solve:-Tip Amount = 100 * (10/100) = $10

Total Billed Amount = Tip Amount + Bill Amount = 100 + 10 = $110

✍Tip calculator chart/table

Service Tip Percentage Billed Amount Tip Amount Total Billed Amount
Restaurant 15% $100 $15 $115
Taxi 12% $100 $12 $112
Nail Service 10% $100 $10 $110
Food Delivery 15% $100 $15 $115

How to use this tip calculatorâť“

Enter bill amount value in the proper input field and enter tip per cent value in the proper input field and then click a button, you get all value in the answer box. But if you want to calculate another tip value so first clear both input fields then again entered the new value of bill amount and per cent.

tip calculator

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