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Free online Displacement calculator, Enter Initial and final position values

What is displacement

It is shortest distance from the initial(starting point) position to the final position(end point) of an object is called displacement and it's a vector quantity because displacement have both maginitude and direction.

displacemt calculator

◉ Value of displacement can be positive, negative or zero.

◉ SI units of displacement is meters

Note:-Displacement of object can never be greater than the distance travelled object by it ,because Displacement ≤ Distance.

Displacement(Δx) = xf - xi(final position - initial position) gives the direction of the final position as see from the initial postion.

Physics Displacement formula:-

  • Displacement(Δx) = xf - xi, Where xf → Final position and xi → Initial position
  • Displacement(Δx) = ut + 1 / 2 at², Where u → Initial velocity, a → Acceleration and t → Time
  • Displacement(Δx) = v² - u² / 2a, Where u → Initial velocity, a → Acceleration and v → Final velocity

Displacement calculate is find three way

(1):-When you know only final position value and initial position value Displacement(Δx) = xf - xi

(2):-When you know inital velocity value, acceleration of object and time then used this formula Displacement(Δx) = ut + 1 / 2 at² Note:- this formula also used when you know velocity and time 👍 Δx = ut ,acceleration is zero

(3):-Third when you know initial velocity value of object, final velocity of object and acceleration then used this formula Displacement(Δx) = v² - u² / 2a

How to use this displacement calculator ❓

if you know only starting position value and end postion value then used first tab of calculator and enter value in proper input field and click button calculate

Second if you know initial velocity value,acceleration value and time then used second tab of calculator, enter all values in proper input field and then click the button.

Third, if you know only final and initial velocity of object and also acceleration values then used third tab of calculator.

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