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What is Volume?

Volume is a measurement of the amount of space an object takes up, whether it's in the real world or in the virtual world. It's often used in science to describe the number of cubic units contained in an object. Volume is analogous to length, width and height, which are used to measure the three-dimensional space covered by a physical object. For example, if you take a rectangular prism with a height, width and length of 1/2 inch, the volume of the object would be 1 cubic inch. That's because, in this case, the objects height, width and length are all equal to 1/2 inch.

Volume conversion units

Units of volume is liter, milliliter, cubic centimeter, cubic meter, cubic yard, cubic foot, cubic inch, tablespoon, teaspoon, cup, pint quart, gallon

Volume conversion units table ✍

Units Symbol
cubic millimeters mm³
cubic centimeters cm³
cubic decimeters dm³
cubic meters
cubic inches in³
cubic feet ft³
cubic yard yd³
milliliters ml
centiliters cl
liters l
Cup cup
tablespoon tbsp
teaspoon tsp
Quarts qt
pints pt

What is cup?

A cup is a US customary unit of volume and which is equal to 16 tablespoons. To calculate the volume of a cup you can use a simple formula: cup volume = (1 cup) x (0.5236 gallons) To convert cups to liters you need to multiply the cup volume with 0.219988 since 1 US cup equals 0.219988 liters. To calculate the weight of a cup you can use a simple formula: cup weight = (1 cup) x (0.034536 kilograms)

Cup is a traditional unit of volume in the United States. It is informally defined as 1/2 pint (Imperial and U.S. customary) or 1/16 gallon (U.S. customary). It may also be referred to as a drinking cup, especially in the UK and parts of Scotland. In some regions, a cup for drinking is normally a standard glass or cup for liquid. In Australia, the word cup is used for measuring cups for liquids, solids, powders and pharmaceutical products. The word cup is usually associated with measurement of liquids and the word pint is usually associated with measurement of solids. One cup of water weighs approximately 8 fluid ounces (237 milliliters [mL]).

What is tablespoons?

Tablespoon is a customary unit of volume and is equal to 3 teaspoon and 1/2 fluid ounce. The tablespoon is used in cooking recipes and measurements, and is often used in medicine to measure the amount of liquid medicine. In the USA, the tablespoon is one of the units of volume in the kitchen system. It is used in cooking recipes and measurements, and is often used in medicine to measure the amount of liquid medicine.

Volume conversion Table ✍

Cubic centimeters Cubic inches liters milliliters teaspoon cup
1 cu cm 0.06102 cu in 0.00100 l 1.000 ml 0.20288 tsp 0.00423 cup
2 cu cm 0.12205 cu in 0.00200 l 2.000 ml 0.40577 tsp 0.00845 cup
3 cu cm 0.18307 cu in 0.00300 l 3.000 ml 0.60865 tsp 0.01268 cup
4 cu cm 0.24410 cu in 0.00400 l 4.000 ml 0.81154 tsp 0.01691 cup
5 cu cm 0.30512 cu in 0.00500 l 5.000 ml 1.01442 tsp 0.02114 cup
6 cu cm 0.36614 cu in 0.00600 l 6.000 ml 1.21730 tsp 0.02536 cup
7 cu cm 0.42717 cu in 0.00700 l 7.000 ml 1.420219 tsp 0.02959 cup
8 cu cm 0.48819 cu in 0.00800 l 8.000 ml 1.62307 tsp 0.03382 cup
9 cu cm 0.54922 cu in 0.00900 l 9.000 ml 1.82596 tsp 0.03804 cup
10 cu cm 0.61024 cu in 0.01000 l 10.000 ml 2.02884 tsp 0.04227 cup
20 cu cm 1.22048 cu in 0.02000 l 20.000 ml 4.05768 tsp 0.08454 cup
30 cu cm 1.83072 cu in 0.03000 l 30.000 ml 6.08652 tsp 0.12681 cup
40 cu cm 2.44096 cu in 0.04000 l 40.000 ml 8.11536 tsp 0.16908 cup
50 cu cm 3.05120 cu in 0.05000 l 50.000 ml 10.14420 tsp 0.21135 cup
60 cu cm 3.66144 cu in 0.06000 l 60.000 ml 12.17304 tsp 0.25362 cup
70 cu cm 4.27168 cu in 0.07000 l 70.000 ml 14.20188 tsp 0.29589 cup
80 cu cm 7.88192 cu in 0.08000 l 80.000 ml 16.23072 tsp 0.33816 cup
90 cu cm 5.49216 cu in 0.09000 l 90.000 ml 18.25956 tsp 0.38043 cup
100 cu cm 6.10240 cu in 0.10000 l 100.000 ml 20.288840 tsp 0.42270 cup
Volume conversion calculator

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